Fr Dan-Ciprian
We are delighted to welcome Fr Dan-Ciprian from Romania who will be helping in our parish for the month of August. Fr Dan-Ciprian is a Franciscan priest who studies communications in Rome. He spent the month of July taking an internship at the Catholic Communications Office in Maynooth and assisting in the parish of Ratoath.

Confirmation 2020
This will be celebrated in the parish on 15th February. Communion dates will be decided in September.

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
The Church carries on the Ministry of Jesus through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. The Sacrament is always available, please contact the priests at any time.

FIRST SATURDAY GENERAL ANOINTING, 10am MASS: Beginning on the First Saturday of March and every month thereafter, we intend to celebrate the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick during the 10am Mass. Priests will anoint anyone who wishes to receive the Sacrament of the rails after Mass. It is hoped this will be a monthly celebration at the 10am Mass on the First Saturday of the month. 

St Patrick’s Church - Restoration Project
We are paying off our loan to Bank of Ireland at the rate of €9,000 per month – a heavy commitment, but we are managing thanks to the generosity of parishioners. 

“A lot done, much more to do”

It is worth stating at this point, that the Church Restoration Project is far from complete; the main roof will have to be re-instated and the spire re-pointed. When all is completed the interior of the Church will be repainted and the sanctuary repaired. 
    We really appreciate the generous contributions of mass goers every Sunday.  We thank people who have made generous donations in recent times. There are white envelopes in the Church for this purpose. Míle buíochas.

Notices in the Church
To display posters or news of coming events in the Church, please use the notice boards provided in the porches. Notices pinned or taped on walls, furniture, gates or doors will be removed because of damage caused to the walls and woodwork.

Parishioners in hospital
If you know of anyone from your family or the parish who is in hospital and would like a visit from one of the priests, please let us know. You can leave a message in the Sacristy of the Parish Office.

Church grounds
We wish to remind people that Church grounds are not a public park, the grounds are maintained and insured by the Church. We ask people to abide by safety signs at all times. Many cyclists, including 'racers', are using the grounds; we see no reason for this and suggest that they use the public road system.
The Church grounds are not insured to take this kind of traffic. If cyclists have to use the grounds, we ask them to dismount on entering the gates.
Dogs should be kept on a leash and cannot run freely, according to law; it goes without saying that dog owners should ensure that their dogs do not foul the grounds.
We appeal to all, including children and students, to keep the grounds clean and take empties with them to deposit in the waste bins.
We thank people for their co-operation and we ask all to respect these grounds as an amenity open to all.






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